Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy

Established in 2008, Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy is dedicated to promoting the education of the Holy Quran worldwide. As a global, high-tech online educational institute, we are committed to setting standards for the simplest and most effective methods of teaching the Holy Quran. Our services are grounded in a result-oriented teaching methodology that caters to both Arabs and Non-Arabs, preparing them to excel in international competitions.

  1. Quran Reading with Tajweed: Tajweed is the science of reading the Quran correctly. We cover all major areas of Tajweed with detailed definitions, explanations, examples from the Quran, audio explanations, and practical exercises. The ideal way to learn Tajweed is under the guidance of a qualified teacher who can provide assistance with correct pronunciation and error correction.
  2. Memorization of Quran: This course is for individuals who wish to memorize the Quran by heart. Prior knowledge of Quran reading is required. Memorization students often need more time than other courses, receiving direct lessons from instructors in live sessions, reciting back, and having mistakes corrected. Alhamdulillah, many students have successfully completed Hifz-e-Quran at Daar ul Iman. Key steps include sincerity, correct pronunciation, daily verse allocation, mastering each portion before moving on, using a specific copy of the Quran, understanding what is being memorized, connecting the beginning and end of each Surah, frequent recitation before others, and paying attention to similarities.
  3. Quran with Translation: This course is designed for those who can read the Quran but wish to understand its meanings and messages. It features word-to-word translation, making it easier to grasp the content of the Quran.
  4. Basic Islamic Learning: Aimed at increasing Islamic knowledge among Muslims worldwide, this course teaches beginners the fundamental Islamic knowledge and beliefs, covering all crucial aspects of Islam in daily life.
  5. Learn Arabic: To understand the Quran properly, learning Arabic is essential. Our online course covers basic Arabic grammar rules and the proper learning of the Arabic language, enabling a direct understanding of the Quran’s messages.
  6. Dua/Prayers: Learning Dua is essential for various life occasions. This course teaches how and when to pray, encouraging Muslims to call upon Allah for forgiveness, guidance, and strength. It includes personal supplications in any language and recommended examples from the Quran and Sunnah.
  7. Arabic Grammar: We also offer classes in Arabic language and grammar, facilitating a deeper understanding of the Quran.