About Us

Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy stands as a leading institution for online Quranic education, offering comprehensive teachings in various languages such as English, Urdu, and Arabic. Our mission is to globally disseminate knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah, ensuring accessible and high-quality education for all, particularly those facing barriers. Specializing in Tajweed, we focus on teaching individuals of all ages, including children, with both male and female Quran teachers available. We prioritize flexibility, allowing students to schedule classes at their convenience, and offer a 10-day free trial for prospective students to experience our educational excellence.


Founded to advance Quranic education worldwide, Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy has been dedicated since its establishment to instructing children in Quranic reading with Tajweed and assisting adults seeking to enhance their understanding of Tajweed rules. Recognizing the challenges faced by those with full-time commitments like work and studies, we provide a solution for individuals who may find it difficult to attend physical Islamic centers or mosques. Our live online classes cater specifically to the needs of children and women, ensuring a conducive learning environment that respects their modesty.


Inspired by the prophetic tradition emphasizing the importance of Quranic knowledge, Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy envisions making Quranic teachings accessible online. Our goal is to provide Islamic education globally through our platform, welcoming learners of all backgrounds, including non-Muslims interested in Quranic studies. We aim to promote understanding and adherence to the correct recitation of the Holy Quran, fulfilling our duty as Muslims.


Daar ul Iman Online Quran Academy offers flexible class schedules tailored to accommodate students’ personal commitments. Our online platform ensures convenience, allowing students to connect with their teachers from anywhere with an internet connection. Utilizing advanced software for seamless voice communication and screen sharing, our interactive classes facilitate real-time engagement between students and qualified tutors. Our instructors, many of whom have memorized the Quran and hold university degrees in Islamic Studies, are committed to maintaining a supportive and effective learning environment. With a proven track record of success and high student satisfaction, we invite you to experience our educational services with a complimentary 10-day trial.